A Warranty without ‘Weasel Words’

The most frequent question I get asked about car warranties is, “Why don’t they pay out?” Well the reason is, ‘the Weasel Words’ and if, in the past, you’ve been caught out, you probably didn’t read or understand the small print before handing over your hard earned cash for a Car Warranty. Let me explain…

The Weasel Words:

HPI checks, V5 log book checks, MOT checks, Mileage Checks, Previous Service History Checks: All intended to catch you out just when you need to make a claim. We carry out similar checks, but right at the start and at our cost to make sure there are no hiccups, so whenever your car needs repairing that’s all we do – repair your car!


A noxious little ‘weasel word’. It means ‘you pay’ because the warranty company believes the part you need will ‘improve your vehicle’s condition’ or ‘increase its value’. It’s how they get out of paying for expensive parts such as an engine or gearbox, leaving you with a large proportion of the cost of repairs, meaning ‘You Pay’.

We do not charge you for betterment. If you really need a complete engine, or gearbox – you get a complete engine or gearbox!

Wear and Tear:

Most warranties exclude breakdown due to wear & tear leaving the door wide open to decline any claim where a part has suffered a failure due to it being worn. Even those warranties that include it usually only allow a full claim when your car is relatively new, when the cover is not needed and then build in a sliding scale percentage excess, which costs you more as your mileage increases, which all means ‘You Pay’.

Consequential Damage:

Is where a covered part suffers a failure as a result of another part failing which is not on their list of parts. You think you’re OK, because a listed part has failed, but ‘You Pay’ because the fault was caused by a part which was not listed.

We do not exclude such repairs because, (i) we don’t have a list of parts to refer to, we simply include all mechanical, electrical and electronic parts and, (ii) we don’t have Consequential Damage exclusions.

Choice of Repairer:

Many warranties limit your choice of garage, take your car to the main dealer and ‘You Pay’ any uplift in labour charges.

We allow you to choose any garage that’s registered for Vat (including all main dealers) and we will even find you a garage if you are unsure. You can customise your warranty plan and select the garage of your choice.

Mileage Limits:

Most people drive around 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, so you would expect any warranty to cover you for this sort of mileage – wrong! Some of the largest warranty companies impose mileage limits as low as 5,000 miles per year, that’s less than 14 miles per day! You’ve guessed it, if you drive over the mileage limit, ‘You Pay’.