Requesting a repair

If your car suffers a failure, it is important that you follow the claims procedure laid out below. If you are the repairing garage, then you can follow the claims procedure on our customers behalf.

The first and most important thing to do is to stop driving the car when a fault has occurred. If you continue to drive you could worsen the damage and even invalidate your warranty, so stop driving the moment you witness a fault.

Take the car to a VAT registered garage and ask them to fill out the online repairer’s assessment form here, once submitted this will automatically be sent to our repairs department.

1 Link Garage System
If your garage is on the 1link Epyx system, no assessment form is needed, simply ask them to log the repair directly through the system quoting your vehicle registration and warranty number

Make sure the repairing garage obtains authorisation from our claims office before they carry out any repair work on the vehicle. You can email our repairs department to check the status of your claim at, just remember to quote the plan reference number. Without a repair number we may decline your repair so it is vital you don’t get your car repaired without one.

Need an update
If you are looking for an update to your repair status, email with your policy number and mobile number and we will send an update via SMS text.

Ask the repairing garage to send us their VAT invoice, copies of any VAT service receipts or main dealer service stamps (if applicable), and repair number to, or post to 5 Petre Court, Petre Road, Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire, BB5 5HY. We will not validate any repair and issue payment until We have received a copy of: (i) Your completed repair form, (ii) Repairer’s VAT invoice, (iii) Repair Number, (iv) copies of VAT service receipts (or) main dealer stamped service book (or) their confirmation together with a completed and signed repair assessment form.

We will then either authorise or decline the claim and let the repairing garage and yourself know at our earliest convenience. We try to turn all claims around within a 48 hour period, but there are exceptions so please bear with us. All our authorised claims get paid weekly, every Wednesday.

From time to time We may require other documentation in order to assist Us in validating a repair. Such documents may include copies of; Your Vehicle’s V5 log book, purchase and sale receipts, previous and current MOT certificates, previous and current service history documentation, VAT service and VAT repair receipts, Repairer’s parts receipts, recovery organisation memberships, details of previous car warranty policies together with the details of any previous repairs made.

We reserve the right to decline Your repair if We are not satisfied that You have provided the correct and satisfactory documentation (as required above) within 14 days.

To download a repairer’s assessment form, please click here.

To contact the repairs department, please call 0844 335 1988.

Emergency Repairs

If You find Yourself in the situation of having to carry out repairs in an emergency situation, such as when Your Vehicle is attended to by a recovery organisation, as a result of a Failure at a time when Our repairs office is closed, then You should obtain a VAT receipt from the Repairer displaying: (i) Your Vehicle’s details, (ii) the details of the repair including the cost of any Parts and Labour, (iii) the time and date the repair was diagnosed and carried out, (iv) retain any Parts removed from Your Vehicle for Our inspection or alternatively make a photographic record, (v) contact Our repairs department as soon as possible or email the details of the repair to:

Note: In order to make sure that You receive the highest level of service and for training purposes telephone calls may be recorded. The repairs office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.