Platinum Plus Cover Level

This cover is the highest level of cover available anywhere in the UK for vehicles up to 4 years old and 40,000 miles. It has been designed by Quentin Willson himself and offers a bespoke level of cover specifically designed for your age and mileage of vehicle.

  • Unlimited Repairs upto the retail value of your car.
  • Recovery is administered by The Automobile Association
  • Car Hire is also provided by Enterprise Car Rental
  • We cover your car for Wear & Tear
  • We have No Betterment clauses
  • We cover consequential damage as standard

All Mechanical and All Electrical Parts of your Vehicle included.

There is no list of Parts we simply include all such Parts.

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We also include the following additions as standard with our platinum plus cover:

  • Air Bag System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Emissions Failure
  • MOT Failure
  • Multi-Media
  • Labour Rates

Platinum Plus also covers:

Oil Seals Included:

Engine, gearbox, differential, camshaft, rocker box and turbocharger (or supercharger) including sump to engine oil seal – causing a major oil leak (dripping oil) necessitating immediate replacement (excludes oil staining, worn collars and shafts).

Gaskets Included:

Cylinder head gasket.

Drive Belts Included:

Camshaft timing belt, including tensioner and variable camshaft timing unit (Vanos).
Note: A failure of the camshaft timing belt can cause significant engine damage, and should always be changed (including the tensioner) within the manufacturer’s recommended period.

Wiring Looms Included:

All wiring looms included (excludes corroded or chewed wiring).

Cooling System:

The radiator, heater matrix and oil cooler are included.

Parts Replaced in Pairs:

We include the following Parts, recommended by the manufacturer to be replaced in pairs as good engineering practice, when only one Part has suffered a Breakdown or Failure Due to Wear and Tear: brake discs, brake drums, coil road springs, shock absorbers.