It’s simple. Warrantywise believe in quality cover at a reasonable price. The cover we offer is the highest available in the UK, which is why many large main dealer groups choose us over the manufacturer’s warranty. We believe in working together with dealers to create a long lasting relationship that is beneficial for both parties. Oh and we pay a market leading 92% of claims in full!

No. Warrantywise’s dealer warranty plan is outside of the FCA’s remit because it’s a service and maintenance plan. Therefore there are no FCA exams to take or FCA regulations to follow.

No, you can give the customer a dealer leaflet and information pack if you like, but we issue all plans directly from our head office. All you need to do is book the warranty online and we will send the customer all the relevant information they need. When you book the warranty online you can choose to print out a summary of the cover for the customer to keep.

Tell them to stop driving and telephone our Repairs Office on: 0844 335 1988. They should listen to the message carefully and make their selection accordingly. If it’s out of office hours, see our Emergency Repairs section.

I prefer that they use one of our Approved Repairers whose workmanship and quality is closely monitored to ensure that they are providing the very best customer service. However, if the customers want’s to use a different garage there’s no problem, just make sure that it’s VAT registered and that they follow our ‘Repairs Procedure’ set out in our policy booklet. Double check their labour rate matches up with what you’ve selected.

Warrantywise will settle the Repair Cost with our Approved Repairer directly and you will likely have nothing to pay. If you use your own garage or repairer you will have to pay the bill in full, then validate the repair with us and we will pay you back directly.

Obviously it’s good practise to service a car before you sell it. However, if the car has an up to date service history you don’t necessarily need to service the car before we put it on cover. If the car you are selling doesn’t have evidence that the last service was performed at the correct time, then you will have to service the car to the manufacturer’s recommendations before the warranty will start.

Yes, all Warrantywise plans come with my ‘No Quibble 30 day Money Back Guarantee’ you can cancel the plan at any time within the first 30 days and providing you have not requested that we meet the cost of any repairs, we will cancel the plan and refund your payment without deduction.

The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Mechanical’ as: (1) relating to or operated by a machine or machinery. (2) relating to physical forces or motion. This basically means it has to be a part which moves or is moved and/or is acted upon by something else which makes it do that motion.

NB: There are some items listed under our Additions not included with the main cover.

The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Electrical’ as: (1) concerned with, operating by, or producing electricity. This means it has to be powered by, use or produce electricity in order to function.

NB: There are some items listed under our Additions not included with the main cover.

Once the repair cost is ready for settlement, we pay to either your chosen VAT registered repairer or the plan holder. Only in some extreme circumstances will we pay you as the supplying dealer direct.

Warrantywise can cover almost any vehicle including commercial vehicles and high performance sports cars however for obvious reasons they are unwilling to take on board vehicles used within driving schools, competitive events, modified vehicles or Japanese imports.

Definitely not – all calls, including dealing with repairs, are answered by Warrantywise here in the UK. I have met all the staff and visited their offices, they are a great bunch.

They can use what the plan describes as the Emergency Repairs Procedure. Basically they pay for the repairs, keep the Vat receipts and if possible save the old parts and then make the claim when the office re-opens. Also, it’s best to leave an answerphone message or send an email to the repairs office asap just to get the repair on the record. The full details are in the plan.

Warrantywise plans allow for an unlimited number of valid repairs to be made with no limits on the annual mileage your customers drives. We do not have upper mileage limits so they won’t run out of cover.

They can be reimbursed up to £50 (inc VAT) per day for up 10 days for car hire, in certain circumstances, when their vehicle is in for repair.

If a customer’s car breakdown because of a fault covered under the plan, we will reimburse you the cost of recovery expenses up to £250.00 (inc VAT) for each breakdown.

We include European Cover throughout the plan term. This provides similar protection as within the UK, throughout the EEC.

Warrantywise take complaints very seriously and so do I. Any complaint is thoroughly investigated by our Customer Relations Manager and finally by the senior partner at Warrantywise, Andrew Whittaker.

You still have your statutory rights of complaint such as contacting Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or the County Court but unlike all other warranties, this is a Service and Maintenance Warranty Plan and unlike all other warranties, I have the final ‘discretion’ if ever things go down to the wire.

– Quentin Willson